Fresh Roquette, Cos Lettuce, Spinach and Salad Mixes

Lowe Farms is a family-owned business that specialises in growing and selling exceptional, fresh produce to the highest standard. We sell quality wholesale produce to restaurants, provedores, processors and fruit shops Australia-wide. Lowe Farms also sell direct to the public (pickup only).

Our farms are located in Victoria and Queensland which allows us to maintain a constant supply all year round.

Our products include fresh leafy greens such as roquette, cos lettuce, spinach and salad mixes. With over 30 years of experience, Lowe Farms prides itself in supplying its customers with premium produce at reasonable prices.

Wild roquette grower

Wild roquette

Wild rocket is an ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine including pasta and meat dishes.

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Baby spinach supplier

Baby Spinach

Has mild and sweet flavour. A healthy addition to soups, pasta dishes and cold salads.

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Cos Lettuce

Delicate and juicy. Fantastic source of Vitamin A, K, C, magnesium and chromium.

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Salad Mixes

What a combination of colours, textures and flavours! Brighten your lunch or dinner meals.

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Factory grade spinach supplier

Factory Spinach

Due to its nutrition baby spinach is often called "superfood" and "super green".

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love my salad

Selection of fantastic salad recipes

On Love My Salad, you will find information about all the vegetables available in the supermarket. Which vegetables are in season when, how you can prepare the vegetables and plenty of ideas for delicious side dishes and salads.

Fast and healthy cooking

  • Cold Prawn and Cos Lettuce Salad

    Place the prawns and cos lettuce in a large bowl and toss. Add cucumber, avocado and onion. Drizzle over with the dressing of your choice.

  • Salami and rocket focaccia

    So easy - just grill focaccia bread and layer it with salami, cheese, tomatoes and our wild roquette. Enjoy a delicious lunch.

  • Baby Spinach Quiche

    Try this pastry crust filled with your favourite ingredients (cheese, meat, seafood) and our delicious baby spinach.

What Our Clients Say

  • We have been using Lowe Farms as wild rocket supplier for 7 years for our restaurant in Sydney. Our orders are delivered on time and quality of the greens is very high. Part of our success in business in a very competitive environment is because of Lowe Farms.

    The Red River, restaurant

  • It is so important in the food business to have a reliable supplier - which Lowe Farms are to us.

    We value you guys!

    Simeon, Chef

  • What I like about Lowe Farms most of all is the quality of produce! You really know how to grow your baby spinach, cos lettuce and salad.

    Katie, Melbourne