Wild roquette

Rocket is a plant with small green leaves with a mustard-like taste, sometimes with a peppery bite.

Roquette leaves are a popular ingredient in modern Italian, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.

Suggested dishes with wild rocket

Wild roquette can be eaten raw or slightly steamed. Complements well meat, fish and chicken sandwiches/wraps, salads, pizza toppings, omelettes, dips.


Rocket leaves are very nutritious and possess some anti-cancer properties. They play a role of digestive aid that was discovered over two thousand years ago.

Nutrition Information

Energy (Kj): 100
Protein (g): 3.9
Fat (g): max 0.2
Sugars (g): max 1
Sodium (mg): 1.2

Packaging and delivery

We offer packaging of wild roquette in 1.5kg and 3kg cases. Delivery can be arranged to South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

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